The Tim Tebow as a Pro QB Debate… Tebow’s Success Does Not Translate

March 30, 2010

Read the opposing argument from Babe Ruthless.

I know everyone from sea to shining sea has at some point grown exasperated at the constant published stories regarding former Florida Gator quarterback Tim Tebow. By now, we have all heard every Tim Tebow feel-good story. If you pay attention to any type of sports media you have heard them all. Now imagine you live approximately 160 miles from Gainesville, Florida – like I do – and those stories are repeatedly told.

Now, I’m a fan of Tim Tebow the person. He has used his position to reach out to those who need to be reached. Surely no one can fault his effort on that end, even if you get tired of hearing about it. But today’s debate is not about the off-the-field Tim Tebow. It is about his performance on the field, and whether or not it translates to success at the next level. Tim Tebow will not be a successful pro QB.

Last week, quite a stir was created in Gainesville when current Florida wide receiver Deonte Thompson said he was looking forward to playing with a “real quarterback.” Now, I fully believe that Thompson did not mean to intentionally slight Tebow, but Urban Meyer still took offense at the quote being reported… which led to a rather humorous rant, and was followed by a private apology. Intentional or not, an interesting point was brought up by Thompson. Thompson is right, whether or not he meant to be negative about Tebow.

Success on the collegiate level does not always translate to success in the NFL. My favorite example ever to back this up might be former Florida State quarterback Charlie Ward. During Ward’s senior season, he threw for over 3,000 yards and 27 touchdowns while leading the Seminoles to the national championship. He won the Heisman trophy that season and is mentioned as having one of the greatest seasons ever by a single player in the history of college football. But because of his smaller stature (he was generously listed at 6-feet 2-inches, 190 pounds), he was not drafted by the NFL. Instead found some success as a point guard in the NBA, mainly with the New York Knicks. Much like Ward, Tebow is revered for his college success. But AT BEST, it is questionable how his style of play fits in the NFL.

Many of the designed plays for Tebow in Meyer’s spread offense called for him to, quite simply, take the snap out of the shotgun and just run over someone. That is not happening in the NFL. In college he very rarely took snaps under center, and that is something he has to work at this offseason. He actually struggled with it during Senior Bowl practice earlier this year.

It iha also been well-publicized that Tebow has been working to change his throwing motion. He unveiled it at Florida’s pro-day a couple of weeks ago. It is all well and good to showcase that in a “pro-day” event that is set up for the player to succeed. But this new throwing motion is untested in games or against professional athletes.

Besides, both Todd McShay and Mel Kiper, Jr. say Tebow will not be a good quarterback. All three of us can’t be wrong, can we?

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