The 2010 NFL Draft QB Success Debate… Number One Pick For A Reason

May 7, 2010

Read the opposing arguments from Bleacher Fan and Babe Ruthless.

It’s going to be interesting to see how history looks back on the quarterback class of the 2010 NFL Draft. Obviously, the big four (Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Jimmy Clausen, and Tim Tebow) will be heavily scrutinized. Amazingly, despite being temporarily slotted in as a third string quarterback, Tebow posted the hottest selling jersey in the NFL in April. But he isn’t going to be the best quarterback of this class. None of the writers at The Sports Debates beileve that. When all is said and done, Sam Bradford will be the best quarterback of the class of 2010.

With all the fuss about how far Clausen dropped and how Tebow was picked a little early, people tend to forget about Bradford. At least that is the impression I have. And that would be a huge mistake.

Like Tebow, Bradford was a winner in college. Not to the extent that Tebow was, as Bradford’s Sooners never got over that hump. But, in two full seasons as a starter (2007 and 2008), Bradford was 23-5. Obviously, we know he won the Heisman Trophy in 2008 with gaudy passing numbers. And he was surrounded by talent on his Sooner teams.

It’s going to be interesting to see his transition from a spread offense to a pro-style offense. He appears to be a smart guy, though, and early indications are that he isn’t afraid to take control of the huddle. At Rams rookie minicamp last week Bradford took charge of the offense with relative ease, and that is something coach Steve Spagnuolo was looking for rather intently.

Despite his injury-plagued 2009 campaign in Norman, I’m still convinced this guy has the strongest arm. At this pro day back in March, he showed off his accuracy, completing an amazing 62 of 63 passes, which had all the pro scouts in attendance drooling. That type of accuracy is what separates him from the rest, and it’s what got him to the position of being the number one pick. Many have compared Bradford to legendary Cowboy quarterback Troy Aikman. They both actually have Oklahoma roots. That isn’t bad company, is it Sam?

There is one thing that Bradford can claim without much question, and that is the fact that he plays on the worst team. Bleacher Fan may disagree, but the Rams are much worse than the Browns, and obviously are worse than the Panthers and Broncos. The Rams are terrible. Awful. An embarrassment of Detroit Lions proportions. Last season’s number one pick, Matthew Stafford, had to deal with the same situation when he was drafted by the Lions. It’s going to be tough on Bradford, just as it was on Stafford. But at least he had Calvin Johnson to throw to. Bradford doesn’t even have that. However, expect Bradford to eventually move the Rams on up. He may experience growing pains early on, but when we look back on this class in 20 years, we’ll all agree that Sam Bradford was the best of the bunch.

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