The Best 2010 NFL Draft Week Debate… Carroll Does Well in First Draft

Read the opposing arguments from Babe Ruthless and Bleacher Fan.

The three-day marathon called the NFL Draft is finally over. I was skeptical at first, but I must admit, going against what I argued not too long ago… the three day format was a success. I was proven wrong. I probably watched more draft coverage this year than ever before. And apparently I am not alone, as ESPN had record ratings. However, today we are going to recap the draft and debate which team had the best overall draft. How did your team fare? Babe Ruthless and Bleacher Fan are making two good choices as Babe is now a big Jimmy Clausen fan, and Bleacher Fan will join millions of others with his man crush on Tim Tebow. I, however, am going in a different direction. I am headed out West where Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks had themselves a very good draft.

Sports Geek and I are long time readers of Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback. And this morning, he has a fascinating review of the draft and some of the behind the scenes chatter. He and I agree that the Seahawks did a lot to improve their team. With their first pick and the sixth overall, they drafted Oklahoma State tackle Russell Okung. Now, I know the average fan can’t name the names of the offensive lineman, but this guy appears to be the real deal. He was a two-time All-American in Stillwater and is rather huge. He is 6-feet 5-inches and weighs 307 pounds. Longtime Seahawk tackle Walter Jones is expected to retire in the coming days, and Seattle expects Okung to just slide right into the tackle position manned by Jones for thirteen years.

With the thirteenth pick safety Earl Thomas out of Texas was selected. Now, some of you Big XII fans should be familiar with Thomas. While he played safety in college, the Seahawks believe he can play some corner if needed, and that’s what separated him from the other safety candidates like former USC Trojan Taylor Mays. Carroll has been under fire from Mays for somehow causing his draft stock to fall. Mays was under the assumption that Carroll may draft him. But, Taylor, you aren’t in sunny California anymore… that’s not how it works outside the fantasy known as the University of Southern California. The training wheels are off!

I really like the second round pick, and 60th overall, of Notre Dame receiver Golden Tate. Sports Geek earlier this year wrote an argument about Tate. It’s hard to argue against some of the things he did in South Bend, and under major scrutiny at that. He’s a little on the small side, but I’ve just got a feeling he could do well in Seattle. I was actually a little surprised he fell all the way to 60.

It was a great first draft for Carroll in Seattle. He filled needs with the first three picks, but he also traded away picks in order to get running backs Leon Washington and LenDale White. If those two guys can stay healthy and focused, they should succeed in the northwest. The NFC West is up for grabs, and this draft will go a long way in helping Seattle compete in the West.

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2 Responses to The Best 2010 NFL Draft Week Debate… Carroll Does Well in First Draft

  1. a TRUE Hawks Fan says:

    Hello Loyal Homer, first off I want to thanks you for supporting the Seahawks with your trash writing and research. This is unacceptable for a sports writer. Especially for a website mentioned on ESPN I thought you would have better standards. First off you need to do some research! The Seattle Seahawks are rated as one of the 2 top teams on Mel Kiper Jr.s draft report. Only 2 teams to receive an “A” for their draft results (ravens are the other) . Why did you just tell the public what we did? You didn’t debate anything! If I’m not mistaken isn’t it The Sports Debates? Ok just checking. “Now, I know the average fan can’t name the names of the offensive lineman…” as you referred to Russell Okung. How is that hard to say? I see now that you don’t like offensive linemen either. Now lets move to our second pick in the 1st round! Heres a quote from the best sports debater ever! :With the thirteenth pick safety Earl Thomas…” Did you even look at we drafted Earl at 14! Not 13. As if that wasn’t bad enough then you go into the fact that apparently our new head Coach is the devil because he didn’t draft his own player in Taylor Mays. We took the BPA(best player avalible for all you scrubs) which happened to be our greatest postion of need at Safety. Lets move on! Yet another quote from you! “’ve just got a feeling he could do well in Seattle” referring to Golden Tate. He could do well? He is the next Steve Smith! He is going to be amazing! How can you argue that he might do well? Well I just spent all this time telling it how it is! Maybe you could take some advice from one of your fellow writers! Maybe Babe Ruthless? He seems to be 10,000 times the writer you are. He actual debates and supports the team he is given. I hope you didn’t get paid for that! It was disgusting!

  2. found your site from twitter. someone tweeted your site so I wanted to check it out

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