The HGH Testing in the Minor Leagues Debate – Where Should HGH Testing Begin?

Read the debates by Bleacher Fan and Babe Ruthless.

We are all aware of the problems that Major League Baseball has faced regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs, thanks to the steady dose of steroid news we have been hearing for some time now. The MLB is trying to put the “steroid era” in the distant past, and now testing for human-growth hormone (HGH) has come to the forefront

A suitable detection test for HGH has been approved, and the recent development of a rugby player named Terry Newton testing positive for HGH has put this issue back in the forefront. Newton received a two-year suspension as a result of this test, making him the first professional athlete to be suspended for using HGH.

The NFL has started discussions about having its players tested for HGH and has made a proposal to its players, a discussion that the league and the NFL Players Association will continue as time goes on. The MLB is at least tossing the idea around as well.

Major League Baseball is taking an interesting approach, and speculation centers on where the testing will begin, if approved.

Many want testing to begin in the minor leagues. Testing for HGH is essentially a new concept and many experts feel that the “kinks” need to be worked out before it can be implemented in the big leagues, especially for a sport that has been heavily affected by performance-enhancing drugs.

Others feel that the test procedures should be implemented in the major leagues as soon as possible. That would help eliminate any more concerns that the public still may have about the use of HGH by major league players.

What a “testy” predicament! Enter the Sports Debates to decide the best route.

Babe Ruthless will argue that testing for HGH should begin in the minor leagues, while Bleacher Fan will argue that testing needs to begin in the big leagues.

It will be interesting to hear both sides of these arguments. It would also be interesting to hear from you.

How do you feel about this issue? Do you even care anymore?

The test has begun. The nurse is coming to take your blood!

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