The Super Bowl Climate Debate – A Super Bowl in Snow? Never!

Read the debate intro and the opposing argument by Bleacher Fan.

We are a week and a half away from the Super Bowl and the parties have already started lining up. Have you gotten your party invitation secured? I am working on mine. Rest assured it is going to happen. I will be eating my share of chicken wings, also! As for the game, it should be a great game. If you are a long time reader of The Sports Debates, you know that I love great offenses and these two teams definitely have great offenses, built largely around the passing game and both being led by Pro Bowl quarterbacks. It is going to be played in Miami, Florida where (barring rain) it is likely going to be a pleasant evening. Now, close your eyes and imagine this game being played in Buffalo! Yikes!!!

Listen, I am all for football being played in cold weather. I know it really does not get that cold in Georgia (though that did not stop school systems across the state from cancelling classes a couple of weeks ago due to “cold” conditions), but I kind of like going to football games when the temperature is in the 30s. But, that first Sunday in February is not just another day. It is Super Bowl Sunday, and inclement weather should not have any impact on the game.

It is too early to check the forecast at various “cold weather” cities for Super Bowl Sunday, but let’s check today’s forecast. The high today in Buffalo, New York is 27 degrees, with snow showers likely. Eeek!!! It gets better. Let’s take a quick look at the conditions in Green Bay, Wisconsin where the forecast for today calls for a high of 15 degrees and snow showers, essentially proving that a warm front is going through Buffalo! Imagine the Colts and Saints, two pass happy teams, playing in these conditions. The entire complexion of the game changes. Not only does the game change but what about other events around the Super Bowl like the halftime show? The halftime entertainment this year features The Who! Can you see those guys singing “I Can See For Miles” in the middle of a snowstorm? I can’t see them doing that because they would be lying themselves. It would almost be as big of a nightmare as that little incident six years ago at Super Bowl XXXVII involving Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

I am even suggesting that the Super Bowl not be played in a northern city that has a dome, such as Minneapolis. Today’s forecast looks promising. It’s partly cloudy! Yay! That is great tailgating weather, right? Perfect conditions for those corporate big wigs that like to raid the Super Bowl every year! But do those big wigs really want to do that when the high in Minneapolis is a frigid 12 degrees, which is what it is today? I don’t think so!!! I is a just a bad idea!

The Super Bowl is the most watched event of the year, every year. Fans deserve a show. The teams that play in the game deserve a chance to win it in ideal playing conditions. Play the game in a place like Miami or San Diego. It is in everyone’s best interest.

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3 Responses to The Super Bowl Climate Debate – A Super Bowl in Snow? Never!

  1. Bleacher Fan says:

    Ohhh, my name is Loyal Homer and I’m afraid of the cold! I use words like ‘Eeek’ and ‘Yikes’!

    By the way, it is completely ridiculous to think that the NFL would alter its scheduling (or even care what The Who thinks) for the Halftime Show of the Super Bowl!

    Lastly, spare me on your sob-story about only having good, worthwhile tailgating in warm weather! You haven’t REALLY tailgated until you have done so in a climate with sub-zero wind chills!

    The rugged, sturdy, all-around-good people from the northern half of the country still tailgate in DROVES, regardless of weather conditions. There is nothing like standing around the flames of a nice warm grill that is cooking up steaks, burgers, chicken, sausage, etc. all while enjoying a beer-slush that has frozen in your hands.

    That is PRECISELY why the term “fair weather fan” has such a negative connotation. REAL fans aren’t afraid to go out in the nasty elements that a harsh winter climate can bring.

    That’s okay, though, Loyal Homer. When the (hopeful) day comes that a Super Bowl IS scheduled in the north, you can stay home on your couch with your leopard-print Snuggie and sip hot cocoa while us REAL fans are enjoying the game! We aren’t afraid of the elements!

    Speaking on behalf of my Northern US brethren, we say BRING IT ON! We will show you how to REALLY throw a Super Bowl!

  2. Loyal Homer says:

    Bleacher Fan,

    You and your cold-weather ALL CAPS self think you’re all big and bad and because you hang out in the cold. Let’s see you come hang out at a baseball game in sweltering 100 degree weather with humidity of 120%. That’s beside the point.

    You act like the Super Bowl is filled with fans of those teams playing. That is not the truth and you know it. The average tailgating, beer drinking fan that you describe doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a Fortune 500 convention filled with Wall-Street stuck-ups who like to talk about how the competition received bailout money from the government and their company was bailout free!

    We’re getting away from the real thesis of this debate but the bottom line is that the Super Bowl belongs in a warm weather. It’s the same theory behind the reason why the majority of bowl games are played in the southern half of the country. Fans want to come to warm weather cities. Fans dont want to spend January in Minneapolis or Denver or Green Bay. They want to spend it in Florida or California!

    Case closed Mr. Fan!

  3. Loyal Homer says:

    And like it or not, and actually I really don’t like it, the halftime show is a big part of the Super Bowl.

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