The Unbeatens in the BCS Debate – Too Much BCS Confusion

Read the debate intro and Sports Geek’s argument that a bunch of unbeaten teams in BCS games is a good thing.

Back in the middle of the season I saw this as a possibility. Many teams were undefeated, and I envisioned many of them staying that way through the end of the regular season. Critics kept saying, “We’ve seen this before. It’ll sort itself out. It always does.” Well, I am still waiting for the sorting out. In fact, it looks like I am going to be waiting quite awhile. Five undefeated teams (Alabama, Florida, Boise State, TCU, and Cincinnati) currently are starting preparations for postseason BCS bowl games. As Bleacher Fan stated in the intro, only two of those have a chance to win the ultimate prize – the BCS national championship. In just looking at that fact alone, there is no way whatsoever that is a good thing for the BCS as a whole.

The main goal of the Bowl Championship Series is to find the two best teams and put them in the national championship game. The BCS wants to crown a champion. Most people, even Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly, have said that the best two teams are playing in Pasadena. For the record, Loyal Homer is not convinced.

I am not saying I am right, I am not saying I am wrong. What I am saying is that we do not know who the best teams are. How do we know that Cincinnati or TCU, on any given night, are unable to match up with either the Longhorns or the Crimson Tide? “Experts” tend to not view Boise State as a contender, but they are one of the three teams (Boise State, Alabama, and Ohio State) who have a win over another BCS team. Boise State defeated Oregon in the season opener, Alabama beat Florida last weekend, and Ohio State defeated Iowa in November.

As Bleacher Fan stated in the intro, last season Utah had a gripe, perhaps a legitimate gripe, as it finished 12-0. Yet the Utes finished behind the champion Florida Gators. This season, another team, perhaps another two teams, are going to have gripes. Perhaps these gripes will be legitimate, also.

Let’s say Cincinnati beats Florida in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, which I am most definitely not eliminating as a possibility. Does Cincinnati have a gripe about not being named national champion? Perhaps! My point is that we just do not know. At least one, and possibly two, teams will have done everything possible to stake claim to a shot at the national title. But, those teams will be sitting on the sidelines watching either Texas or Alabama add another championship to the mantle. It’s like being promised a shot at a promotion at work, yet not being given a realistic shot because someone else in the office has been there longer. You have done everything that was asked of you. But there you sit… in your little cubicle with a computer that doesn’t work half the time, while someone else gets a brand new office with a brand new computer and a significant raise. It makes you just throw your hands up in the air and wonder, “What do I have to do?”

You may say, “Well this is just one of those years.” Well, these years should not happen. If a team goes undefeated at this level, it should be given a chance to compete for a national championship. As long as Texas and the SEC winner went undefeated, no other team was going to have a chance. And that is just not right.
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