The Michael Crabtree Holdout Leverage Debate – Time To Move On

Read the debate intro, Sports Geek’s argument that the 49ers should cut ties with Michael Crabtree and Bleacher Fan’s argument that the 49ers should sign Crabtree .

I get the feeling that the majority of people think Michael Crabtree has lost his mind.

Sports Geek thinks that it’s time for the San Francisco 49ers to cut ties with Crabtree. Despite his accomplishments at Texas Tech, Sports Geek argued that adding him to the team at this point would do more harm than good. Sports Geek points out that head coach Mike Singletary is working with a team that has been through rookie camp, OTAs, training camp, preseason, and the first part of this season. Adding Crabtree at this point would be disruptive because Crabtree, being a rookie, has too much to learn. Sports Geek also touches on the fact that 2010 will likely be an uncapped year in the NFL, thus freeing up more funds for the 49ers.

Bleacher Fan argues that the San Francisco 49ers should still make every effort to sign Crabtree, pointing out the struggles of the offense and the lack of depth at some offensive positions. Bleacher Fan also correctly points out that some of the more talented players in the NFL today didn’t start or play much at all in the NFL during their rookie campaign. How’d that turn out for Tom Brady so far? Three Super Bowl championships later, I’d say it’s turned out fairly well. Bleacher Fan uses those examples to highlight the fact that, if signed, the rest of this year can be used for the development of Crabtree’s skills.

After reviewing the case and taking a closer look at the points both parties made in their arguments, I am awarding the verdict to Sports Geek!

This was a closer case than I originally thought it may be. Bleacher Fan makes a good case in pointing out the current players who were non-factors their first year, but this Crabtree situation is a different cookie. The players Bleacher Fan mentioned didn’t hold out their rookie season because they disagreed with the contract their team was offering. They didn’t miss all of training camp and preseason and all of the regular season (to this point). I’m convinced by Sports Geek that adding Crabtree onto a 53-man roster at this point would be detrimental to the 49ers organization. It’s difficult enough to make it in the league and fit into a locker room as a rookie. Add to that the circumstances regarding Crabtree’s absence and it equals a recipe for bitterness, jealousy, and controversy.

Agree or disagree? Post your comments below. We’d love to hear from you. Check back later today for more debates!

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