The Usain Bolt vs. The World Debate – Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Read the debate intro and read Sports Geek’s argument that Bolt is not the most dominate athlete of all time .

Superhuman speed is defined as having the “ability to move at speeds much faster than a normal human.” Superman, one of the more famous superheroes that has been around for nearly eighty years, is often said to be “faster than a speeding bullet.” Well guess what folks? Superman never ran against Usain Bolt. He is that fast. He really does have “superhuman speed.” Bleacher Fan is asking Sports Geek and I to determine if Bolt is the most dominant athlete ever. After reviewing the dominance of other athletes in history like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, and Muhammad Ali (who famously claimed he was the greatest), I think that Bolt is easily the most dominant ever! USAIN is INSANE!

“Lightning Bolt,” as he is often called, is a 23-year old Jamaican sprinter who has won gold medals and world records, often breaking records that he previously broke. Seriously, folks, have you seen how fast Bolt is? If you have not, take a look at this. If that does not convince you, then maybe this
video will. My goodness, it is almost like he was literally shot out of a cannon.

As far as his dominance goes, let’s just evaluate his most recent performances at the Berlin World Championships. In facing American and rival Tyson Gay in the 100 meter dash in Berlin, he had a chance to get the attention of millions across the world. He was already well-established as a sprinter, due to his accomplishments in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Let’s face it – when you beat an American in an event, and a known one such as Gay, you get extra attention in the USA. Y.E. Yang has certainly elevated his status after defeating Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship a couple of weeks ago.

Not only did Bolt defeat Gay in the 100m dash, but he defeated him rather convincingly, setting a 100 meter world record by running it with a record time of 9.58 seconds. Gay ran a 9.71, which is good enough for third all time behind Bolt’s 9.58 and Bolt’s 9.69 then record setting run in Beijing. You may think that shaving off over a tenth of a second is not that impressive. But, in a sport where every millisecond is of the utmost importance, it is beyond impressive. Not resting on his laurels, Bolt next ran in the 200 meter final. He finished with a time of 19.19, obliterating the previous record. He won the race by the biggest margin in World Championships history.

What makes Bolt the most dominant is the fact that he has not been beaten on the grand stage. Not only has he not been beaten, but he has won convincingly, and set records, and then broke his own records along the way. Without question, Tiger Woods is dominant in the game of golf. But he was recently defeated at the PGA Championship by a player previously ranked 110th in the Official World Golf Ranking. Lance Armstrong, while impressive, did not win the 2009 Tour De France. Michael Phelps totally dominated at the 2008 Summer Olympics, but he did lose earlier this year. Roger Federer is dominant in the sport of tennis, but he has shown that Rafael Nadal is his kryptonite, losing three times to him in the past eighteen months in grand slam finals (2008 French Open, 2008 Wimbledon, 2009 Australian Open). How can you be the most dominant if you have lost in a big event? Usain Bolt has no Kryptonite. Maybe he is faster than a speeding bullet. Maybe that would be more of a competition than him racing against mortal humans.

Plus, he has a really cool name!

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