The MLB PED Suspension Debate – The Verdict

Read Loyal Homer’s argument that Manny should not be allowed to “rehab” in the minor leagues during a PED suspension, and Sports Geek’s argument that the rehab is necessary.

No time for preambles, I’ve got a season and a half of Entourage to catch up on before the new season begins on July 12th, so let’s get down to brass tax…

The winner is Loyal Homer!!!!!

Sports Geek ALMOST had me. I very much agree with the comment that the Los Angeles Dodgers deserve the right to get their player ready the very day that his suspension ends.

HOWEVER, there is one issue that I have with the argument, and it ultimately determined the outcome. When Sports Geek wrote, “If you’re gone for a week and come back, are you ready for a Monday morning 8 a.m. meeting with your boss to plan and execute the next project or initiative? No! You’ll be rusty and the risk for error is high, considering the information you’re working on is old.”

The implication of the comment is that I, as an employee, deserve some leeway because I spent a week on vacation. My first issue with this is that Manny wasn’t on vacation. He was being punished for violating a very serious rule in baseball. Second, I have come back from vacation with a Monday meeting at 8 a.m., and I assure you that I didn’t get the luxury of a warm-up period (a situation that I am quite confident is shared with many of our hard-working readers.) Instead, I am expected to pick up right where I left off and make sure that I am immediately performing at 100%.

My salary barely constitutes a fraction of the salary that Manny Ramirez takes home, and I have to be on my ‘A’ game every single day – no excuses. For the money that Manny makes, he should be putting forth a massive effort to make sure he is ready to go as soon as his suspension is over. It is HIS responsibility, NOT the Dodgers, to make sure that happens.

It’s not like Ramirez was in a hospital with pneumonia over the last 50-game stretch. He had EVERY opportunity to get himself into game condition, even if it required him to swing in the batting cages at $0.50 for every 20 pitches.

To Loyal Homer’s point, Manny broke the rules and is being punished. It is HIS responsibility to do everything in his power to make amends to the team and the league that he offended. This was the risk that Ramirez took when he used performance enhancing drugs. Likewise, a clear message needs to be sent by the league AND its organizations that PEDs are unacceptable. When a person violates the rules, the league does not owe it to them or to the organization to allow the convenience of a warm-up period.

I want to echo Loyal Homer’s sentiment that the league should consider revising this clause when the collective bargaining agreement is ready to be negotiated again. This is just another example where the team owners and MLB commissioner Bud Selig are more concerned about taking care of their fraternity brothers than they are cleaning up a game that is SUPPOSED to be America’s pastime.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Ari’s yelling again, and I don’t want to miss it!

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One Response to The MLB PED Suspension Debate – The Verdict

  1. Loyal Homer says:

    It appears Bud Selig agrees with me also!

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